it was supposed to be a nice day to chill at the beach

the dang weather folks got it wrong this time

but ur daughter ain't ready to leave

time to get to work



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Main2.swf 4 MB


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Hi! I really want to play this game but it says that Adobe Flash is required (Adobe Flash was discontinued where I am/ended) and I was wondering if it would be possible to somehow download this game or anything of that nature to play it? Thank you so much! :)


oh no :( i will try to figure out if i can put up the swf as a download.  thats kinda the best i can do until i have the time to remake these games :(


okay it worked.  i hate that this is how it has to be done nowadays, but this link:

should have a link to a flash projector.  i made the swf downloadable, if u download the projector it shld play it just fine.  sorry!

It worked! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! :)


incredible! hope u like the game :) 

I enjoyed it! Thank you so much :)